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Fears of IVF Lawsuit Deluge

THE number of lesbian couples having Government-funded IVF treatments is on the rise, sparking serious concerns about a flood of potential lawsuits over unwanted births.

Argh. This is really starting to annoy me.

Yes – the evil lesbians are going to all get IVF so we can have millions of children and sue the Government cos we didnt really want them in the first place.

Do people actually realise how hard it is to get IVF if you are gay? Not all states will let you – Victoria for instance will only let you have IVF if you are medically infertile. Its not like thousands of lesbians are running across the border to get preggers – most cant afford it even if they want it.

For example: Some friends of mine want a baby. They called a NSW state government clinic to apply for donor sperm and was told that ALL of their donors have signed forms saying they do not want their sperm to go to lesbians or single mothers. So the only option is to go through a private organisation. Its 3 trys max, then straight onto IVF. Minimum cost for all that is about $7,000.

Second grump – the fact that its ALWAYS noted the women sueing are gay. I personally dont agree with their decision to sue, but must the headlines always read “Lesbians want to sue” etc. I’ve never seen “Hetero couple wants to sue” – its a non-issue. I understand why they want to sue as a medical procedure was performed, and it went wrong. They asked the doctor for one embryo, he implanted two. He admitted he made a mistake.

IMHO – The couple has made a comedy of errors by saying things like the mother has lost the capacity to love, or they were going to abort one of the babies etc etc. I dont think they have handled the situation well at all, and how are the babies going to feel when they get older? And now, its affecting the communities attitude (wrongly) about IVF for lesbians, that we are all heartless and undeserving.

Just my 2 cents.

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    September 26, 2007 at 1:27 am

    Don’t read the tele – that’s my advice. They hate lesbians and will take any opportunity to have a go. (Incidentally, I think this couple is int he ACT, not NSW.) But this article is a load of old cobblers – as if the sexuality of the couple had anything to do with their stupidity. There are many stupid people in the world, and of course a few of them are gay, Asian, kiwi even. These two are clearly victims of the cult of celebrity – they thought that by making a scene in public they would get… what? They say they don’t want the money; the doctor has apologised. So why are they making fools of themselves in public? It reminds me of toddlers who throw a tanty but then can’t remember why. At least the court is protecting the kids to some extent by keeping their identity hidden.

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    pen & purl
    September 26, 2007 at 7:55 am

    Exactly! What their sexuality has to do with the content of the articles written on this is beyond me.

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