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Further to my adventure

Here is my google map…

Starting in the middle (Delhi); then north to Shimla; south east to Rishikesh, Lucknow, Varanasi; west to Agra and then a loop of Rajasthan. Finally back to Delhi.

Went out to dinner with some of the Boi’s ashram people, who then decided to fill me with stories of how sick India made them. Great.
Apparently some people get there and get really ill on the first day, and dont get better until they leave (there’s quite a bit of pollution). Le Sigh. Immune Boost tablets here I come!

Knitting Content:
After a friend asked me a year ago to knit her some socks, I thought I better start. Just basic ribbed ones, using the Jawoll self stripe in grey/white/black. Gotta love the little reel of reinforcing thread they include too – it matches the self striped pattern.

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