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Part 4 – Yellowstone National Park

Bears, geysers, bison, rivers – Yellowstone has always sounded like nature’s Disneyland to me!

Yellowstone was everything I thought it would be – better in fact!


The park itself is massive and we spent a good three days exploring everything we could access to (some roads were still closed due to snow).

The thermal pools and bubbling geysers are a bit scary if you stop to think about it too much – you’re standing inside a volcano basically!

We kept seeing bison prints really close to the edge of geysers, and then finally found this guy having a snooze on the hot sands – not something I would recommend!

Nope I didnt get close to this guy, thank goodness for zoom

Something that really amazes Aussies – frozen lakes! Lake Yellowstone still had ice on top – not something you see down here in Australia.

And of course we had to scramble down there and check it out.

Craziness. Jakk and I are already talking about coming back in a couple of years if we’re lucky.

It was a very sad morning when we had to leave for rest of the Vintage Road Trip – heading across Idaho to Oregon…

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