Subversive Femme

Pattern Store FAQs

Are vintage knitting patterns hard?

I would say no harder than other patterns but vintage ones come with their own challenges. Two things I think that are really important are:

  1. Gauge/tension. This is the secret to getting your knit looking like the one in the pattern. If you achieve the tension listed in the pattern then it should come out exactly the same.
  2. Fit. How do you like your knits? Loose, body skimming, skin tight? Try checking the finished garment’s measurements to something you already own that fits well. This way you’ll know if you’ll be happy with the fit.

How do I know what yarn to use?

I’ve tried to provide the correct yarn weight for most of my patterns – however Louisa Amelia Jane has a brilliant list of old yarn weights here.

What did old yarns even look like?

I’ve previously uploaded old sample and shade cards, feel free to check them out!

I’m stuck on some of the pattern instructions, can you help?

Of course! Just email me at subversivefemme@gmail.com, I’m always happy to help.

How can I re-size a vintage knitting pattern to fit me?

Need help resizing a vintage pattern?
Check out my friend ByGumByGolly’s amazing series on her blog here!

Why are your PDF patterns water-marked?

I take quite a bit of time to collect, restore and prepare the PDFs in store. All my digital downloads are watermarked to stop people reselling my PDFs – sorry! (Yes, it happens regularly I’m afraid).

Can you email me the pattern instead?

I sure can! Just shoot me an email at subversivefemme@gmail.com

Who is Subversive Femme?

Hi, my name is Bex and I’m a knitter from Sydney, Australia.

My passion is vintage – clothing, music, lifestyle… and of course knitting and sewing patterns. I have over 1,500 patterns in my collection and love sharing them with crafters from around the world.