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Lux Knitting for 1936, 18 designs – Vintage Knitting Pattern booklet



“The Lux Book, Knitting for 1936”
Complete 52-page booklet scanned into a high resolution PDF.

Lux Knitting Books – highly collectible and highly prized, Lux’s smart styling and quirky illustrations make them highly popular with the vintage knitting aficionado. Mainly published in Canada, the UK and Australia, this is the Australian edition printed with dark brown ink on tea coloured paper.

An example of contents include:
– debonair tops and outdoor suits
– dainty knitted and crochet collars for smartening up tired dresses
– unusual angora leaf shaped scarf
– underwear
– men’s and children’s outfits

As always, the Lux Book contains kitsch adverts for Lux soap! “If it’s safe in water – it’s safe in Lux” and “The chosen soap of the lovely screen stars”.

Please note all my patterns have a faint watermark.

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