Subversive Femme

Patterns and Copyright

  1. All patterns from Subversive Femme are watermarked faintly.
  2. The pattern that you find on here for free or for purchase is for your own use only – no reselling or pirating of the files. All my PDFs and ePatterns are protected by my intellectual property rights, and are not to be distributed without permission .
  3. You are free to make any items from the patterns to resell.
  4. To the best of my knowledge, the copyright has expired on the vintage patterns I have on Subversive Femme. This means the originals are in public domain – however please remember that the electronic versions I have created are my intellectual property so now covered under current copyright laws.
  5. I every attempt to make sure I don’t violate copyright law in the UK, USA or Australia, including a search of Copyright Catalogs and records for any potential copyright renewals.
  6. If you are a copyright holder and believe I have listed a pattern you may hold copyright over, please contact me with the details.

Your information

  1. I only collect your information to provide you a service (i.e. pattern downloads). I never resell or pass on your personal details.