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Curvy Month Pattern 1: Blouse with Ribbed Yoke from Vogue c. late 1940s

Welcome to Curvy Month for 2019, a month of free vintage knitting patterns in sizes larger than 32-34″!

Today’s pattern comes from Vogue-Knit 96, which was probably published around 1949. It’s for a delightful sweater, with a detailed yoke pattern and pert collar.

I’m slightly obsessed with these late 40’s jumpers that feature rib or garter designs. I have a few in my own personal collection – they’re so stylish and easy to wear. I hope you like this one too!

  • To fit: 34, 36 and 38″ busts
  • Yarn: fingering weight
  • Needles: UK 11 and 13 (3mm and  2.25mm)

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