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vintage knitting pattern jumper sweater 1940s

Finished: Navy floss jumper, c. 1940s (Sirdar 1239)

Summer is probably not the ideal time to finish a jumper, but at least I won’t be short of woolens come winter.

Excuse the light in the photos, it was extremely hot and as soon as we were done I ran inside to change!

This pattern is Sirdar 1239 (available here), a lovely arrowhead and garter lace pattern with a contrast yoke. I’ve wanted to knit this jumper for ages, the contrast really spoke to me. As did her hair!

I ended up omitting one of the yoke colours, only because I couldn’t find a colour that matched well.

The colours I went with were navy, with white, pale lemon and rust-red contrast – I feel like these will work well with my wardrobe.

The pattern:

Mostly it was a fairly simple knit. I followed the pattern as directed for the body, but increased 8 sts front and back to make it fit a 40″bust.

However – what the heck was the author on when they wrote the sleeves? They made no sense at all, and I ended up winging the sleeve heads.

I omitted knitting the ribbing on the neck as one piece (i.e. no seam) as I like a seamed neckline. Also only used buttons on one side of the neck.

free vintage knitting patterns 1940s

The yarn:

Knitpicks Palette – 6 balls of navy, tiny amounts of the contrast. I had no idea Palette was so nice to work with, I’ll definitely be using it again.

free vintage knitting patterns 1940s


This jumper was a mammoth knit for me – the sleeves took nearly 3 months just on their own. I love how they bell out.

If I knit this again I think I would add a smidge of length to the body as my boobage pulls it up a little bit – I could probably block it to fix it though.

Overall I love how 30s/40s it looks though, and I know I’ll definitely wear it come winter.

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