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First NY's Evolution – done!

Get over the fear of my motorbike.
Introducing ‘Kitten’. She’s a beautiful Honda GB250 from Japan. She’s red and chrome-y. She only has 15,000 on the clock despite being from 1988.
Kitten enjoys long rides when its not peak hour, and being fussed over.
I got her at the end of November from Sumoto in Melbourne and they sent her to Sydney. I’d never ridden a ‘proper’ motorbike before, and I don’t have a car licence (i.e. I don’t know anything about gears).

After heaps of practice in my street, advice from the president of Dykes on Bikes, and testing my nerves with the hoons in Bankstown (going to Westfield’s to practice hill starts in the car park at night is intimidating) I did something really brave.
I rode to work today.
Liverpool is 15km from Punchbowl, using the main route the trucks use. It also has a lot of hills.
I didn’t stall once.
I feel so effing proud of myself right now.

(I did have to bring my hair straightener to work and get rid of the terrible helmet hair in the bathroom before anyone saw me though hehe)

I’m hoping to be good enough to ride with the Dykes on Bikes at Mardi Gras this year – with my bestie Femme friend Carly on the back. In dresses and petticoats.
It will be Femme-tastic!
It won’t look like this:

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    January 5, 2011 at 8:45 am

    that is awesome! grats on the riding. The more you ride, the better you'll get xx

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    January 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm

    Cool or what!

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