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Finished: An interesting grey woollen (circa 1940s)

This year seems to be the year I finish off all my ages old started projects –  not a bad thing at all.

You might remember this pattern, An Interesting Grey Woollen from Curvy Month back in 2015?

Well, she’s finally done and I’m so happy!

The yarn is Bella Baby from Spotlight – I thinks the jumper only took a fraction over 6 balls which is great.

I really like the hemmed neckline, but chose not to use a hem on the sleeve and went for rib instead.



I admit this pattern was screwy!

I couldnt get the stripe pattern to look right so I made up a stripe of 8 rows plain, and 8 rows garter. This meant I couldnt use their row height gauge and had to fudge it a bit.

I just winged the sleeves, and it means my sleeve heads arn’t as high. I also used ribbing on the sleeves instead of a hem.

Overall though, I’m really happy how it came out but pretty sure I won’t knit this again.

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