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Tonight is the Femme Guild Hanky Panky Party at the Red Rattler (raising awareness of the Hanky Code amongst other things).

My contribution to the Guild was to sew hankies for sale – just basic little numbers in the most (mainstream) popular colours to sell and raise money.
Unfortunately, a friend who is performing needed 30 hankies for her show – in a string, to pull out of… well, nevermind. So every night (and some mornings) this week i’ve been sewing my fingers to the bone – but i’m done! Exhausted, but done.

My next mission is to nail down 100% what I want to wear tonight.
This might sound self-centred: since I always try and make a big effort people have come to expect it of me. Don’t get me wrong – i love spectacle abd i love dressing up, but its stressful! Trying to think of a new outfit everytime, without having to buy a lot of new clothes is down right difficult sometimes.

And then sometimes you stumble on a site that makes it look so easy – DestroyX. Ouch! So much awesome hotness! Inspiration overload!

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    July 18, 2009 at 3:35 am

    Hey Bec,

    Just read your comment about the knitted grafitti and the Toilet,

    cheers for having your say.

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