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Spoonflower Fabric Review Videos

This year I did a bit of a splurge on Spoonflower, and finally got my hands on some of their Organic Cotton Sateen.

For those not familiar with Spoonflower, it’s a print-on-demand fabric company. Independent designers upload their designs, and you can pay to have them printed on a variety of fabrics. Heck, you can even design your own!

Something I’ve personally struggled with is how will the fabrics perform (they’re not cheap at all) – and last year I took a chance on their Cotton Poplin to make this 1950’s hawaiian inspired dress. Pattern is Simplicity 8244 c. 1954, a wardrobe staple.

simplicity 8244 1950s cheongsam spoonflower cotton poplin dress

While the colours are striking and bright (designer is Muhlenkott), the fabric is really quite stiff. I hand wash all my Spoonflower fabrics, and havent had any issues with the print that others have mentioned.

This year I spent the extra and tried some organic cotton sateen – boy, is the fabric much nicer! I’ve made a little video series to help show the differences between the two fabric types.

Firstly, the Cotton Poplin (print is Tropical Fish 2a).

Compared to the Organic Cotton Sateen

The finish on the Organic Cotton Sateen (it has a sheen)

For reference both these Cotton Sateen fabrics have a Muhlenkott design – the blue is Hukilau 1 and the yellow is Midcentury Tikis.

Well, I hope that helps anyone who’s looking for more info on how Spoonflower fabrics handle! I’ve already ordered more Organic Cotton Sateen when Spoonflower had a 20% off sale, and can’t wait to get some more.

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